Sugar-Free September 2019

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Join Sugar-Free September 2019
Join Sugar-Free September 2019
Join Sugar-Free September 2019
Join Sugar-Free September 2019
Join Sugar-Free September 2019
Join Sugar-Free September 2019

Can you live without sugar for 30 days? – Sugar-Free September 2019 is about to begin. 

Best of all … it’s FREE!!!!

Your 30-day challenge may be hard, it will be fun and certainly life-changing.

Join Sugar-Free September 2019

What Is Sugar-Free September 2019?

  • Want to give up sugar fast? It just got easier.
  • The rules – what to avoid and what to enjoy
  • Get your friends and workmates involved too.

Are you ready?

Join Sugar-Free challenge

Join Sugar-Free September 2019

Want To Give Up Sugar Fast? … it just got easier

Sugar is addictive. Sugar is everywhere. But give yourself 30 days … and I’ll show you how to finally give sugar the kick. For LIFE!

You will receive a FREE eBook with shopping lists, snack ideas, tip, tricks, a closed Facebook group and emails to give you the support and guidance you so desperately need.

Do these sound familiar?

  • Are you always hungry?
  • Do you have a big belly that you just can’t lose?
  • Are you eating every 2 hours?
  • Do you get cranky each time you try to give up chocolate?
  • Have you been following the low-fat guidelines, exercised your butt off and are getting nowhere?
  • Is your daily diet based on pasta, bread, cereals, soda, sweets and junk food?

Then Sugar-Free September 2019 is perfect for you.

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Sugar-Free September 2019 – THE RULES

Join Sugar-Free September 2019


– all sugars – table sugar, honey, coconut sugar, agave, maple syrup and dried fruit. Beware of recipes that say “refined sugar-free” because it’s just their way of hiding “we used another sugar”.
– biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolate, ice cream
– granola/cereals – they’re more like desserts these days than a hearty breakfast (don’t worry, I’ll teach you what to eat instead)
– juices, smoothies and fruit yoghurts


– coffee, tea, sparkling water
– real food, amazing meals
– sugar-free baking treats made at home
– cheese, nuts, steak, avocados

If this all seems too hard, slowly cut back one thing at a time. This is YOUR challenge and you need to do it YOUR way. If the sugary foods above, make up the majority of your daily diet, then it’s time to really knuckle down and get serious about how often you eat or drink sugar.

Join Sugar-Free challenge

You will learn how to –

  • give up sugar
  • reset your taste buds and sweet tooth
  • learn how to STOP your sweet cravings
  • learn how to cook healthier treats
  • gain more energy
  • improve your skin, mood and concentration
  • lower your carbs (optional)

You will feel incredible at the end of the 30-day challenge, and you will begin your path to live sugar-free for life.


Can you live without sugar for 30 days? Join Sugar-Free September. Free eBooks, free updates, free information, free recipes. And FREE of sugar. #sugarfree #lowcarb #sugarfreeseptember #DTCsugarfreeseptember

Sign up today and you will receive:

  • your FREE eBook “Quick And Easy Guide”
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  • access to my closed free Facebook group – to support you along the way

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Get your friends and workmates involved too.

Why not grab as many friends and workmates as you can so you can do this together?

Hang it in your workplace, and get all your colleagues involved too! It’s sooooo much easier when you’re in this together.

To download & print your posters CLICK HERE – available in colour or black/white

Join Sugar-Free September 2019

Sugar-Free September 2019 – Don’t miss out – it’s starting soon!

The 30-day challenge will be hard, fun and life-changing.

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