Keto Brown “Sugar” Salmon

Here are a few more facts about this recipe:

What type of salmon should I use?

We like to use an Atlantic salmon or Sockeye. Be sure to choose a wild-caught, or sustainably raised fish. Opt for ones that don’t have color added.

The salmon fillets should be center-cut, skin-on, and about 3-4″ thick if Atlantic salmon. Typically, I choose a thick fillet from my fishmonger and ask him to cut them into 6 oz portions.

Can I bake the salmon?

Eh, you could but you really want the salmon to get crispy and the stove-top is your best option to get that nice crunchy crust.

What should I serve the salmon with?

Cauliflower rice, regular rice (if not keto or low-carb), asparagus, side green salad. There are loads of options, just choose your favorite.

Can I use a different sweetener for this Brown “Sugar” Salmon?

We love the flavor that the brown “sugar” (really erythritol) gives to the sauce but you could use any type of granulated sweetener or even powdered sweetener if that’s what you have on hand.

Not keto? Honey or maple syrup works well here.

What is the nutritional information for this recipe?

As always, you can find the full nutritional breakdown including the carb count (total carbs and net carbs) at the bottom of the recipe card. You can find the serving size/yield at the top of the recipe card. You should always double-check your specific ingredients as different brand’s ingredients may have different values.